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raoul bruckert

RAOUL BRUCKERT - (1930 - 2004)
A jazzman painter
Raoul Bruckert, born in Lyon in 1930.
Lived and worked in lyon.
His unique career seduces us:
Since the age of 15, he has devoted his life and energy to his passion for jazz and painting .
He studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Lyon, where he graduated.
At the same time, he runs a textile design workshop and founded a jazz club, the famous “Hot club de Lyon”. He has played with the biggest American stars and creates scarf patterns for fashionable Parisian haute couture houses.
He owned a house in Roussillon where, as a painter, he worked every summer, strongly inspired by the colors and landscapes of this region.

studies at the school of beaux-arts in macon

from 1944 to 1946.

studies at the school of beaux-arts in macon

from 1946 to 1949.

Graduated from the School of beaux-arts in Lyon,

Decoration section

1962 la jeune parque – lyon
1964 l’œil écoute – lyon
1967 le lutrin – lyon
1991 le lutrin – lyon
1994 galerie hermès – lyon

Raoul Bruckert slowly moved away from figuration. He honestly shows his stages, from figuration to what you might call a refiguration. . .
In this art recognized from within, Raoul Bruckert manifests a true poetic sense. But also a virtuosity which is not without danger. He must fear the seductions of the decorative panel. . . rigorously, Raoul Bruckert must be able to count among the good painters of young painting in Lyon.
Jean-Jacques Lerrant.
April 25, 1962.

Raoul Bruckert knows how to find, in his whites and blacks, the impetus that parks his musical improvisations. Like a cry or a moan from the instrument, the stain shoots up, stretches out, settles on the canvas, cutting through the space with its living presence. . .
Vanished continents emerge within a space marked by a few fantastic skies and, here again, the rhythm specific to jazz finds, in painting, the plastic equivalences likely to express the painter's sensitivity.