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732/21 Second Street, Manchester,
King Street, Kingston United Kingdom


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Galerie d’art

In the city center of Lyon, in the 2nd district, the jean louis mandon gallery invites you to discover today's creation in plastic arts from artists vivant et travaillant à Lyon et sa grande région.

created in 2007, the jean louis mandon gallery asserts itself as a place of recognition and celebration of the good, rich and very diverse plastic art creations from lyon and rhône-alpes, with an openness to all trends and means of expression. It is in these times of international dictatorship, a courageous niche that well identifies and honors him.

pierre souchaud,
artension hors-série n°7.

We must prefer an art an art that only asks life for the elements of reality which are necessary for it and which, with the help of these elements and of new purely artistic means, arrives, by copying nothing, by imitating nothing to create a work of art for itself. This work must have its own reality, its artistic utility, its independent life and will evoke nothing other than itself. What other object than a work of art do we in fact ask to look like something other than itself?


Pierre Reverdy.

Cahier « Nord-Sud «  n°4-5

Juin-juillet 1917.