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Our goals.

boredom, of course, does not spare us, alternating with fear, but it remains to prove that we did better in the past and that we are not the toys of the blackmail that we exercise on ourselves by constantly comparing what is to what has been. as long as we do not recognize the fundamental absurdity of a parallel between what is done and what is to be done, we will be at the mercy of the crippling effects of the decadence complex.

it would be appropriate to proclaim:
first, the inalienable right of living artists alive to do as they please without being constantly called to order.
Then, the right of each era to an art which in no way corresponds to what well-informed people expected of it.

The artists of the gallery are beginning to consider that the elements of their means of expression freed from nature can now mean themselves outside or beyond the purely theoretical principles which have supported the research and favored the discoveries of their precursors.

Today, the problems of figuration and abstraction no longer arise in a strictly contradictory manner for new creators: they are no longer at the time of choice like their elders and no longer feel the need to claim a concept, a school, to escape the temptation to represent the appearances of reality.

Our art gallery is located in the 2nd arrondissement of Lyon.

it has set itself a dual objective:

- Promote living art in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region and its artists visual

- Widely disseminate the Lyon's school of today by organizing more than ten individual exhibitions , allowing contemporary art enthusiasts to discover regional creation in the plastic arts.

Our Process