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pascal lombard

Born in 1959 in Besançon where he lives and works.
1982-1988 School of Beaux-Arts of Besançon

pascal lombard painter

1987 Galerie Le Forum d’Artemis Besançon
1995 Galerie La Cadrerie Besançon
1998 Galerie Medicis Besançon
1999 Aspects de l’Art contemporain en Franche-Comté IUFM 25 besançon
1999 Galerie Laroche, Dijon
2000 Annexe des Annonciades Pontarlier
2001 « Printemps des Musées », Musée de Pontarlier Galerie Medicis, Besançon
2002 Galerie de l’Olympe Perpignan (exposition collective)
2002 Galerie Ligne Treize Genève
2003 Galerie Medicis Besançon
2004 Galerie de l’Olympe Perpignan (exposition collective)
2004 Prodromus Paris
2005 Galerie Ligne Treize, Genève
2005 Galerie Médicis Besançon
2005 Biennale des Arts plastiques en Franche Comté 25 Besançon
2006 Galerie Artenostrum, Dieulefit
2006 Galerie La Prédelle 25 Besançon exposition collective « Tableaux de jeunesse » autour de Jean Ricardon
2006 Galerie Christine Brügger, Bern (exposition collective)
2007 La Brosserie Montgesoye (exposition collective)
2007 Galerie Chantal Bamberger Strasbourg
2007 Biennale des Arts Plastiques en Franche-Comté 25 Besançon
2007 Galerie Christine Brügger, Bern
2008 Galerie Prodromus Paris
2008 Galerie Ligne Treize Genève
2008 Galerie Arténostrum à Saint Donat sur l’Herbasse (26) dans le cadre du festival Bach en Drôme des Collines
2008 Triptyque à Angers exposition collective avec la galerie Prodromus Paris
2008 Galerie Médicis Besançon
2008 Exposition collective galerie Christine Brügger Trouvailles  Bern
2009 Exposition collective à Lille Art Fair 2009 présentée par la Galerie Prodromus (Foire européenne d’art contemporain)
2009 Librairie Passerelle Dole
2009 Galerie Arténostrum à Dieulefit
2009 Exposition collective Galerie Prodromus
2009 Biennale des Arts Plastiques en franche-Comté 25 Besançon
2010 Galerie Jean Greset Besançon exposition collective
2010 Galerie Médicis Besançon
2010 Start 15 Strasbourg présenté par la Galerie Prodromus Paris
2010 Galerie Christine Brügger Bern
2011 Exposition collective Galerie Médicis
2011 Exposition collective Dole
2011 Biennale des Arts Plastiques à Besançon
2011 Galerie Ligne Treize Genève
2011 ST’ART 2011 Strasbourg présenté par la Galerie Prodromus Paris
2012 Exposition collective Galerie Christine Brügger Bern
2012 Prodromus Paris
2013 Artenostrum Dieulefit
2013 Exposition collective « au-delà du paysage » à Charenton le Pont Espace Art et Liberté
2013 Exposition collective AR’CIME à la galerie d’en face St Germain des prés
2013 Biennale des Arts Plastiques en Franche-Comté à Besançon
2013 Galerie Médicis à Besançon
2013 Exposition collective Galerie Artenostrum « 10 ans de la Galerie »
2013 Exposition collective au Grand Palais Comparaisons
2013 Exposition collective Galerie Christine Brügger Bern
2014 Exposition collective Château de Vogüé
2014 Maison de Courbet à Flagey (25)
2014 Galerie Christine Brügger Bern
2015 Ligne Treize Carouge
2015Prodromus Paris
2015 Biennale Arts Plastiques Besançon
2016 Galerie Médicis Besançon
2016 Exposition collective Artenostrum à Dieulefit
2017 Galerie Chantal Bamberger Strasbourg
2017 La Grange Château de Chavanes 39 Montigny les Arsures
2017 Exposition collective Ligne Treize Carouge « Nuage »
2018 Galerie Christine Brügger Bern
2018 Galerie Artenostrum 26 Dieulefit
2018 Galerie LIGNE treize,Carouge-Genève
2019 Galerie Prodomus

The painting is grainy tarpaulin, canvas card. Map that by dint of traversing - stopping here and then there, at this climb, on this ridge - and of traversing again, with a brush or on foot, the painter has transformed into territory.

To have walked for a long time towards painting.

And tell about this hike, the slowness of each station. Walk on the hands, on the stilts of the brushes, in the secret joy of this disproportion between the first visible - the motif, Cézanne - and the second, there, in front of you, on the frame.

The path, the approach march, its tempo are there, right in front of the canvas, like a diffuse fog, doomed to blur the ultimate horizon of the peregrination. To delay its seizure. To contemplate is to wait. Leave that front which only belongs to hope. Quite the opposite of completing, closing, holding on.

The gaze is slow to "take stock" of this country, erect, as if standing. We must not finish: neither walk again, nor stop. No hanging from the painting that wants to unfold the duration in which it is painted. The gaze leans and imperceptibly sinks into the density of curves, furrows, limestone cliffs crisscrossed with ravines.

Fresco soaked in pigments.

My soles took hold earlier than my eyes on that slope prostrate under the stormy sky. Senesian crest whose spectrum of browns, chestnuts, beiges, from the darkest to the most sandy, which nourishes the whole Italian tempera, and which Pascal Lombard finds here, takes up, recites again. Does the painter's very name not evoke the Lombardy of Correggio?

Looking at these paintings, we suddenly understand: the painter is one of us. Discreet, attentive walker who stops before us who hadn't seen anything. The painter is one of us, his art is its transparency because he knows how to suspend decisions, not speaking for the brush or the canvas.

Pascal Lombard offers to the visible, this suspended moment, this tremor where earthly dullness crosses the aerial gesture of the represented.

Nativity of painting.

I want to lose myself in nature, to grow back with it, like it, to have the stubborn tones of rocks, the rational obstinacy of the mountain, the fluidity of the air, the heat of the sun. In a green, my whole brain will sink with the sappy flow of the tree.

Paul Cézanne, Conversation with Joachim Gasquet

Didier Goldschmidt © - February 2008

extract from the book: pascal lombard - walk towards painting ©

galerie prodromus – paris – 2015