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jean-paul meiser

My project as a painter-plastic artist was built on several ideas: showing the viewer what he is not looking at, demystifying the image. At first I revealed the Reflections of Water with my painting. This experience marked the whole development of my research ... Finally, I want my creations to show off ... by disregarding contingencies.
jean Paul meiser.

Jean-Paul meiser Selection of personal EXHIBITIONS

2020  Paris, Galerie Abstract Project, 3 au 13 juin, à Nation,
reporté à 2021 (19 au 29 mai).
2019  Lyon, les impédimentales, Galerie Jean-Louis-Mandon
2017  Valence, noir-bleu-gravés, au Léz’arts Café
2014  Valence : « La leçon de lecture » au  cinéma Le Navire
2013  Valence : « reSurgences »   à   La Maison du Gardien
2012  Lyon : « Prendre langue »,   Centre Social du Vinatier
2010  Hauterives :  au BAZ’ART des MOTS   et  au Château
2009  Grenoble : « Réalités plurielles» colloque Acf au CRDP
Chabeuil :  galerie Ecriture,  « Chanson du Ricochet »
2008  Chabeuil : « Rencontres de la photo », Centre Culturel
Bourg-lès-Valence : «BIS/SIMPLEX» galerie Pôle Sud
2007  Bourg-lès-Valence : « reflets d’écriture » La Passerelle
Evian : « Dans le sillage des reflets »,  Galerie  29

et collectives récentes
2020  Lyon, Musée de l’Imprimerie, du 27 janvier au 16 mai

2018  Sanary, Espace St Nazaire , Du papier à l’œuvre Région,
Céret, à la Cappeletta et à la galerie MAG Arts
Musée de Valence, œuv. Collect & Bourse du Travail
2017,18 & 2019 à Paris :   salon  des  Réalités  Nouvelles…
2017  Tournon : Château-Musée, L’œuvre papier,  Atelier 26
2016, 18 Theizé : Galerie JL Mandon, Chât. de Rochebonne
2015  Villeurbanne : ENSSIB livres,  graveurs de L’Empreinte
2014  Oullins : « Ose Iris »,  Médiathèque,  livres gravés…
2013  Allemagne : «2 LYON(s)» gravures, Leipzig BBKL e.V.
2011  Roumanie : «Brouillard » musée d’art de Cluj-Napoca
2010  Lyon : «Lyon, traces » L’Oeil Ecoute avec L’Empreinte
Bruxelles  :  « art  contemporary »   Gallery  Croissant
2009  Canada : Longeuil « Correspond’art » graveurs  Zocalo
Brasilia : Espaço Cultural Renato Russo  et  à Belém.

Painter, sculptor and engraver, Jean-Paul Meiser relentlessly deploys an unusual work since his beginnings encouraged by Pierre Buraglio. Its production continues to surprise and captivate over the years. Out of time, out of academism, out of fashion, this creation endures in an almost Borgesian labyrinthine obstinacy, in reflections and shock waves. This creation, inhabited by constancy and dazzling, strikes with its fragmented approach to pictorial rhythms and an acute instinct for formal combinations. The artist pays extreme attention to the plural supports that give his works that "immediate life" dear to Paul Eluard. And an air of eternity too, through the spiritual dimension of the compositions that reveal fragments of the unconscious. This does not prevent the current anchoring as in the recent and tragic "Sort of the Sheep". The artist likes to say "paint to detach, hang to depend on". His enigmatic aphorisms contain a subtle energy that makes this high-yield work “fuel”. Everything is captured in a creative, recreational and festive maelstrom with a host of possible scenarios. It is in any case witty, in a resolutely visionary and stimulating rendering. With finesse, depth, humor, the artist creates between balance and vertigo. A tireless explorer, Jean-Paul Meiser thus builds a singularly polyphonic work. Really and vibrantly strange.
Antoine Campo, director, writer, 2013

Jean-Paul MEISER, painter and engraver
“Born on the borders of Lorraine among peasant miners, Jean-Paul Meiser studied public law and participated in the training of film club leaders in Lyon.
Having become a cultural education teacher in an agricultural high school, he settled in the Drôme. From 1981 he attended the Regional School of Fine Arts in Valence, followed courses with Pierre Buraglio who had him exhibited with him in 1986 in Poët-Laval. From then on, his exhibitions will follow one another regularly in Rhône-Alpes, France and even abroad.
In 1992 he created a contemporary art gallery at the Lycée du Valentin in Bourg-lès-Valence, where he invited many young visual artists, whom he had to work with his pupils or students. He practices printmaking, photography, and makes artist's books sometimes in collaboration with the School of Fine Arts. Since childhood Jean-Paul Meiser has been fascinated by water. Wasn't his father a mechanic in the French Navy for several years? In the 1980s, he regularly returned on vacation with his family to the island of Yeu, photographed fishing boats destined to disappear, then attracted by the reflections and captured the images below the waterline. From this gaze on the movements of water and light, Jean-Paul Meiser gave birth to a new way of painting.
The paintings will integrate materials, objects, writings gleaned from everyday life through the transparencies of paper, canvas, glass, grids and packaging, attempt to awaken the gaze, desacralize the image / reflection that has become an image / fetish in our society. "
extracts from "Riflesso", 4th cover, ed. J-P.Huguet