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victor caniato

Victor Caniato was born in Italy. (1949). When he was eight he left his native country and joined his immigrant parents in France. He was a metal worker when he discovered the works of the sculptor Constantin Brancusi at the Museum of Modern Art in the city of Paris. This unexpected but decisive meeting led him to undertake artistic studies.
After the beaux-Arts, he developed a rather figurative art which essentially represents the human, by modeling with clay, faces or emerging bodies. A few years later, the figure gradually disappears, in favor of more stripped-down work. The evocation of humanity then becomes the central subject of his research. Indeed, several upsetting moments in his life, such as his meeting with the inmates of Saint-Joseph prison in Lyon, led him to this process of simplification, to a more refined language.
“I create sculptures with all kinds of materials: cement, plaster, clay, rusty steel. I especially like poor materials, easy to mold, which allow repentance, going back. No marble, no pretty wood, but concrete, old plank. I try to say the maximum of things in this way with the minimum of means, by privileging the subject, by rejecting the beautiful object. This relationship with materials comes from my education, from my working-class origins.
Today my vocabulary is tightened around iconic shapes that are easy to identify: stars, birds, little houses. These representations come from the primitive images, tales and legends that I have carried with me since childhood, in an anarchic, disorderly manner. These self-taught references allow me to extract codes specific to the art of my time. Beyond the pleasure of thinking, imagining, designing and producing, I seek to place my sculptures in a symbolic, universal dimension. Accessible to the greatest number ”.
The figurative elements are placed on plinths which become larger and larger over time. The disproportionate relationship between the base and what it wears accentuates the effect of monumentality because it destabilizes the perception that one can have of everyday space. In his work, he plays with this relation of scale which he very often reinforces by assembling raw materials with precious representations. The base is no longer a support but becomes an integral part of the work, it extends an energy coming from the earth. Base and sculpture mingle intimately. No separation appears.
Currently Victor Caniato is continuing his plastic research and is also devoting himself to the creation of a sculpted garden of 3000m2 where he assembles his works with those of his artist, poet and musicians friends.
"When I look at all of my work I perceive it as a puzzle whose fragments scattered here and there are in fact only the successive episodes of a sculpted book that tells the story of my life. From now on, between my studio and my house, between the earth and the sky, I am putting this book into space in the form of a sculpture garden. A garden to re-enchant the world; the garden of jocelyne and victor ”.

1979 Graduated from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Lyon. Paris Prize for Sculpture.

2018 Galerie Jean-Louis Mandon Lyon
2015 Le monde de victor Eglise de Bans à Givors
2013 Résidence  exposition au Musée des Moulages -Université Lumière  Lyon2
La Grande Galerie-Drôme
2010 Le jardin de Jocelyne et Victor-Chaponost
2009 La vieille chapelle-Condrieu
2009 Université René Cassin-Lyon
2001 Galerie l’attrape Couleurs-Lyon
1997 Université Lumière Lyon 2-Lyon
1995 Maison du Peuple-Vénissieux
1992 Maison des Arts, Thonon-les-Bains
1989 Galerie Athisma-Lyon
1984 Galerie l’oeil Écoute-Lyon
1982 Centre d’Arts Plastiques-Villefranche sur Saône
1980 ELAC-Lyon

2013 Sculpture  Jardin Médieval des Cinq Sens-Yvoire.
2001 Cité Scolaire-Boën sur Lignon
1999 Métro Parilly-Vénissieux.
1989 Monument du Brûlé-La Ricamarie
1988 Portail Institut Pasteur-Lyon
1985 École Nationale pour Déficients Visuels-Villeurbanne
1981 Théâtre de Verdure-Vaulx-en-Velin
1980 Symposium de Sculpture-Lyon

Numerous creations of decorations with “Operating Room Emmanuel Meirieu”.

2017 Le Monde de Victor : Patrice Giorda / Gilles Framinet  « caniato youtube » .
2010 Un jardin d’amour Daniel Pelligra
1997 Victor Caniato et les figures de la mythologie grecque-D. Pelligra

2007 Mon poème favori avec Jean Antonini-Édit. Aléas.
2001 Figures et Légendes de la Mythologie Grecque. Avec Philippe Meirieu-Édit. Stéphane Bachès

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